Brother Alfonso DeRuva Renews Vows

Saint Francis removed himself of worldly interests, opting instead to follow the Gospel and connect himself to the teachings of Jesus.

Brother Alfonso DeRuvo, SA, chose to follow in Saint Francis’ footsteps four years ago, receiving his habit and entering the Society of the Atonement. The Friars’ charism of At-One-Ment and the message of hope, healing and harmony remains rooted within Brother Alfonso, as nearly four years later, he renewed his vows.

Br Alfonso DeRuva Renews VowsBrother Alfonso’s ceremony of renewal of vows took place on Sunday, February 5 in Rome. Father Jim Puglisi, SA, Director of the Centro Pro Unione; Second Councilor Father Tim MacDonald, SA; and Brother Paolo Nicosia, SA, the Postulant Director of the Friars’ Formation House in Assisi, were among those present during Brother Alfonso’s vow renewal ceremony.

Joining them in attendance were Brother Fabrizio Szymanski, SA; Brother Jan Janoszka, SA; Brother Piersimone Crinelli, NSA; and Brother Luigi Bassani, NSA.

Brother Alfonso first received his habit at his clothing ceremony in Assisi on February 10, 2019.