Eric Genuis Concert

Renowned musician and composer Eric Genuis performed a private concert at St. Christopher’s Inn on Tuesday, March 19.

In this close-knit concert experience, Eric and his supporting musicians moved the audience with his original pieces. Everyone was carried away by their beauty.

Eric is a pianist, composer and inspirational speaker. He’s performed across the country and on international TV. He’s also written music for independent films.

But he especially loves performing his “Concerts For Hope.” He travels to prisons and other places to bring people solace and strength through music.

Here at St. Christopher’s Inn, his fingers danced across the keys, filling the room with soaring melodies. Everyone sat hushed, captivated.

For Eric, music is more than a performance. It’s a bridge to reach hearts that are lonely, even hopeless. Music brings light into even the darkest corners of a person’s life. He said he wants his music to bring hope and “resonate within the heart of our shared human experience.”

After the final piece, Eric took the time to answer questions and meet people in the audience.

We’re grateful to Eric and his talented friends for bringing hope and joy to St. Christopher’s Inn!

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