We see St. Joseph was a devoted family man. He was that and so much more. As we celebrate his feast day on March 19, we recall the many wonderful traits of St. Joseph and how we can emulate them in our lives.

St. Joseph was patient. Imagine being told that you’re marrying a woman who will give birth to the Son of Man! St. Joseph could have run away from this responsibility, but he chose to patiently follow God’s plan. May we too trust in what God is asking us to do, believe in the mission and patiently pursue the path chosen for us.

St. Joseph exhibited silent strength. St. Joseph is not quoted in the Bible. Instead, his holiness is captured through his works. From finding shelter for Mary as she was about to give birth, to teaching Jesus his carpentry skills, St. Joseph’s actions spoke louder than words. May we also quietly show strength in our faith and our daily lives.

St. Joseph was faithful. First, he was faithful to God, trusting in God’s path for him, no matter how unconventional and difficult it might have been. Second, he was faithful to his family. St. Joseph provided for Mary and Jesus and never strayed from his responsibilities. Finally, St. Joseph was faithful to his craft. As a carpenter, he dedicated his work to God. May we also be faithful to our calling, serving the Lord in all we do.

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