The book, Cultural and Theological Reflections on the Japanese Quest for Divinity, by Fr. John J. Keane, S.A., has been chosen to be included as part of a series by the distinguished Brill Publishers. The peer-reviewed series, Theology and Mission in World Christianity, features academic scholarship that spans global thought regarding philosophy, religion, and the Christian identity.

Fr. John J. Keane, S.A. pictured with book, Cultural and Theological Reflections on the Japanese Quest for Divinity.

Brill Publishers explains that the series “treats theology, mission, and the interface between them in view of the development of world Christianity. That is, it understands Christianity as a world religion which is globally widespread, locally rooted and interconnected.”

While the body of literature surrounding Christianity is vast, it contains scholarship that often fails to comprehend the nuances of Christianity and the interrelated, yet distinct, practices of its members. This series, however, includes works that push through the surface in order to fully investigate Christianity on both the individual and institutional levels.

In his book, Fr. Keane gives readers an understanding of Japanese divinity (kami), considering sociological, linguistic, historical, and anthropological perspectives. He then offers possible solutions for interreligious dialogue in light of the differences between Eastern and Western theological preconceptions.

Father Keane has offered a presentation about his work at the Chapel of Our Savior in Brockton, MA, and will speak again at the Sacred Heart School in Highland Falls, NY, on Thursday, June 28.

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