Eric Britt (left) and George Nemanich (middle), participants of the 2018 Franciscan At-One-Ment Mission Project, pictured here with their supervisor Fr. James Loughran, SA, (right). 

The Franciscan At-One-Ment Mission Project participants for 2018 have been selected and are eager to begin working alongside the Friars. From June 14–August 12, Eric Britt and George Nemanich will be learning and serving through the Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute (GEII).

Eric and George will travel to Rome and participate in a summer course on interreligious dialogue. Upon returning, the volunteers will offer presentations about what they learned to Catholic parishes, in order to foster community relationships.

George Nemanich is from Red Wing, MN, and is currently studying Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. When asked what he expects from the summer he said, “I have always found that the cohesive power of humanity needs to be fostered in order for it to fully flourish. Learning about ecumenical and interreligious dialogue through the GEII program will hopefully aid my ability to contribute to the flourishing of human unity.”

Eric Britt is a recent graduate of Florida State University, where he received a BS in Physics. Originally from Panama City Beach, FL, Eric is eager to grow in faith this summer. “Theology and interreligious studies have always been fascinating to me. I look forward to trying to understand and communicate with other religious groups. Also, I look forward to prayer and growing closer to God,” he said.

With Jesus and St. Francis as guides, these young men will serve with the Friars to bring healing and reconciliation to as many hearts as possible. Please pray that God will multiply their efforts and that those they serve will feel the love of Christ.