I’d like to recall the words Jesus told Nicodemus. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son.”

Oscar Romero, the martyred Archbishop of San Salvador, once said that if this short message represents the Gospel, then Jesus is the one who professes the homily, which explains to us that God is love. That God is power, that the Spirit of God is upon Jesus and He is the divine word. Jesus told us a great deal about God. That God is love, life and goodness.

To be a whole person, we have to have a relationship with God. As humans, we are social creatures and do not like being out of relationship with those around us or our God. The worst moments of our lives are usually when we fall out of relationships with others.

Think about it. When you were rejected, or split up with your spouse. When you were cut off from family and friends, or perhaps when you felt betrayed by a friend, or felt isolated. We do not even like going to the movies or out to dinner alone. Solitary confinement is seen as a harsh and horrible form of punishment.

We are in constant need of union. Rejection is such a terrible hurt, because we need to be connected. So, why this driving need for union? The answer lies simply and profoundly in today’s Feast of the Holy Trinity: We are made in the image and likeness of God. And God is communion, relationship. And therefore, so are we.

The Trinity says God is relationship, and so we search and seek. The Trinity says God is love, and so we love. God is love and unity, so we strive for the same. Think of the most satisfying moments in your life. I would suspect they were times where you felt safe and loved. When you sat in your mother’s lap, or when you were held or hugged. When you were affirmed, or in the presence of someone you love. When you had someone in your life.

Relationship is what God is all about: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is no wonder that we, who are created in His image and likeness, are also essentially about relationships. Still, the Trinity is difficult to explain. In fact, I would not recommend trying to explain it.

If anyone asks, just say, “It is about me and about God, and about relationships.”

I once heard a story about a young boy flying a kite on a cloudy day. The kite could not be seen from the ground. Someone asked the boy, “How do you know the kite is up there? You can’t see it.” The boy replied, “I know it is there. I can feel it when I the tug the string.”

So, don’t get caught up in the details of the Trinity. My friends, reflect on your personal experience of God. And soon, like the boy in the story, you will find that the sight is unimportant. When it comes to God and His goodness, what is important is feeling the tug.

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2 thoughts on “Fr. Bob’s Homily – The Most Holy Trinity Sunday

  1. Thank you for the wonderful sermons . I look forward to them every week.

  2. Great reflection! I used the very same verse at my brother John’s Celebration of Life last August!
    Love…God’s greatest gift….through his Son!

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