Every year at the Easter Vigil, a new spark is struck from the flint to light a new candle. New holy water is blessed and new hosts are consecrated. We are beginning all over again, making all things new.

Our Lord’s death and resurrection were the turning points in the history of creation. It made all things new.

The resurrection is a pledge that one day, every tomb, like the tomb of Christ, will be empty. That life will not die with death.

Easter is not a one-man show. Jesus is alive. That is what brings us to church at Easter. But He did not burst out of the tomb for His own sake; to prove something, like Houdini. His whole life was unique.

He preached a twin message everyone could understand: Love God above all else, and love your brothers and sisters as you love yourself.

He made enemies of the powerful because He put compassion above traditions, love above the law and people above things. He claimed a relationship with the Father so intimate that the scandalized took up stones to cast at Him for blasphemy.

He proved His divinity by not only dying for us, but also rising for us. He came alive to give us life. Not only n the hereafter, but in the here and now. That is important.

It is not enough to have life, even God’s life. You must live it. Feel it. And open up to it.

Jesus made it quite plain when He said, “I come that you might have life and have it abundantly.” Some of us are not concerned with the question of, “Is there life after death?” because they have not realized there is life after birth.

St. Paul tells us we are a new creation. We are radically different from what we would have been if Christ had not come; had not carried His cross to Calvary. Because of Christ, our lives should be different.

My friends, begin again. Make anew your relationship with Christ, and your life will also begin again. You will be the new light in darkness.

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