Unity for Friars in Lima Peru

In Lima, Peru, there is a movement of Christian Churches working together.

Ecumenical work is of importance and fascination, and it’s what drew Brother Yasser Zamora, SA, to the Society of the Atonement. He believes deeply in the Friars’ At-One-Ment charism, the message of hope, healing and harmony, and the Friars’ efforts in connecting the different Christian faith traditions – for which Servant of God Father Paul Wattson, SA, and Mother Lurana White, SA, worked tirelessly.

“It’s a big challenge,” Brother Yasser said. “The Gospel of John, the chapter that Father Paul chose: John 17, that they all may be one. That’s a big challenge for us and that’s the biggest attraction that I had. Because now, the world is divided. Father Paul calls us to see the essence of the Gospels, that is Jesus; that is to be one. One with our diversities, one with our personalities, with everything we are. To put all of us together. Unity drew me.”

Last monthBrother Yasser Zamora SA and Brother Teodoro Zamora SA and Brother Alexander Espinosa SA, Brother Yasser made his first profession as an Atonement Friar in Lima, along with Brother Teodoro Zamora, SA, and Brother Alexander Espinosa, SA.

Brother Yasser expressed the happiness he and his fellow postulants felt during the ceremony, which was held in South America and attended by members of the Friars’ General Council.

“It was wonderful. It was amazing,” he said. “We really enjoyed the three of us making our first vows.”

Before entering the novitiate, Brother Yasser studied theology and psychology, earning his master’s degree from the Latin University of Costa Rica. He also spent time working with different schools as a counselor.

The 42-year-old is a native of Nicaragua. Brother Teodoro, too, is Nicaraguan, and has already worked in translating the writings of Father Paul and Mother Lurana from English to Spanish. Brother Alexander is a native of Cuba.

Brother Yasser insisted the trio flourished together during their novitiate.

“We had a very good novitiate together, it was great,” he said. “We help each other all the time, we talk to each other all the time. It was a wonderful experience.”

On Sunday, January 22, Brother Yasser served as the Master of Ceremonies during another celebration of profession of vows. Brother Jan Janoszka, SA, professed his final vows at Graymoor’s Our Lady of the Atonement Chapel. At the same time, Deacon Gary Swane, TSA; Deacon Tom Rich, TSA; and Deacon Tom Malone, TSA, professed their final vows as Tertiaries of the Society of the Atonement. Brother Kevin Elphick, TSA, also professed his first vows as a Tertiary.

Brother Yasser’s seamless efforts during the ceremony didn’t go unnoticed by the Friars.

“He did such a wonderful job,” Father Bob Warren, SA, said of Brother Yasser. “He knew well the natural flow of things, like holding the book and carrying the cross.”