Brother Scott Boyd, TSA, said his experience has been like “filling a spiritual tank.”

He was speaking, of course, about his experience during the annual retreat for Tertiary Friars and Deacons from the Society of Franciscan Deacons. The retreat began on July 30 and runs through August 4 at Graymoor.

Activities have included the praying of the Franciscan Crown, exposition of the Eucharist, celebrating Mass and quiet periods of reflection. “There is a lot of reflective time,” said Brother Scott, who renewed his third year promises as a Tertiary member of the Society of the Atonement in June. “A lot of contemplative time and a lot of personal time to sort of reflect on what we discuss. It’s been great.”

Brother Kevin Elphick, TSA, added that he hopes to pray with the Sisters of the Atonement for Christian unity during the retreat. The Sisters hold a prayer service every first Thursday of the month from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at St. John’s Church at Graymoor.

“This is such a special place,” he said. “And it continues to be.”

Brother Kevin and Brother Scott were among a group of 11 Tertiary Friars and Deacons who attended the retreat. Brother Douglas Dulli, TSA; Brother Thomas Grimsley, TSA; Deacon Gary Swane, TSA; Brother Paul Roach, TSA; and Deacon C. Sonny Pagnotta were among other attendees.