Liam Farrer was a participant at this summer’s Franciscan At-One-Ment Mission Project—a summer discernment internship which included living with the Friars and ministering at St. Christopher’s Inn. Liam offered the following reflection:

“You guys really made me feel special.”

That’s what one of the Brother’s Christopher told me at dinner on Friday night after myself and one of the other Brothers Christopher had helped him pick out a suit to wear to his separation in a few weeks. I should explain, when a man separates from St. Christopher’s Inn (what we call finishing the program, as recovery is an ongoing process) he is given a pass to go to the thrift shop and pick out a suit to wear at his separation ceremony. During my two weeks at the thrift shop I got to help a few guys pick out their suits and it truly is a special moment. All of the Brothers Christopher working in the thrift shop become involved and the man is truly treated like a celebrity. We size him, coordinate his shirt, try to find him a pair of shoes, a tie and a belt, etc. It’s amazing to see how proud and how excited all of the brothers are for the man who has reached this step in his journey.

St. Thérèse says that little things show how we love, and the process of getting a suit is in the grand schema of the program a very little thing but it shows the great fraternal love that the men give and receive from each other. It was a great privilege to share in a part of that love, that fellowship, while working at the thrift shop.