When the Disciples who were on the road to Emmaus sit together with Jesus for a meal and He breaks the bread, they recognize Him as the Lord. And like the Disciples who Jesus revealed Himself to, many people come to realize that on life’s journey, they are not alone.

But how do we break through to a sense that we are never alone? That walking with us is a God who is madly in love with us?

We have a clue in the Emmaus story. The two Disciples share their food with Jesus. Share their hospitality. They forgot themselves and their disappointments and hurts for a moment. They focused on another.

That was their point of entry that revealed the Christ who was there all along. On their journey, the presence that had been hidden was revealed in the breaking of the bread.

My friends, sometimes it can feel like we are all alone. We all face difficulties and tragedy in our lives. The loss of a job, or poor health. A loved one dies or a relationship ends, and suddenly life is not the same. The rough times cause us to lose faith. No problem is harder to explain than the mystery of suffering.

This is our life. This is our human condition.

But the Emmaus story is also our story. It reminds us that we are not alone. God is always giving us life. He is there to be our strength when trials come. No, we do not carry our cross alone.

Yet, the Emmaus story reminds us that it is OK to be disappointed, and even complain. And it is OK to talk about hopes that have been dashed and to wonder if anyone cares.

This Gospel reassures us that God is always right there, right beside us. But as we saw, that revelation only comes in hindsight. It reminds us that no matter what we are going through, not to be turned in on yourself. So that nothing matters but your own needs and wants.

It was only when the two Disciples reached out to Jesus to care for Him that they knew who He was.

It would seem that to recognize Jesus, the ressurection was not enough. Like those two followers of Jesus, you must reach out to the stranger you meet on the road.

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One thought on “Fr. Bob’s Homily – Third Sunday of Easter

  1. Always inspirational. Even Father Warrens voice is soothing and spiritually up lifting. Thank you

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