Each Sunday, Father Bob Warren, SA, delivers a poignant reflection on the Gospel reading, available for all to read and listen to the Friars’ website and Facebook page.

Father Bob’s reach extended further recently, as a small parish in Shelbyville, Tennessee requested to publish Father Bob’s homilies in their church bulletin.

Father Bob was happy to grant his permission.

“It is a great joy to know so many people are reading these homilies,” Father Bob said. “As a Friar, I am happy that we at Graymoor are able to produce these reflections each week.”

For parishes who wish to publish Father Bob’s homilies, please contact Communications@atonementfriars.org. We ask that you credit Father Bob and the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, Graymoor, Garrison, New York.

What People Are Saying

Father Bob has received outstanding reviews from readers and listeners of his weekly reflections. Here are but some of the comments from those who hear his words each week:

“I listen with an open heart and hope that God teaches me how to pray.”

“Father Bob, you are a blessing, and the love of God is evident in your words and in your voice tone, too. Thank you for listening to God and sharing His love with all of us. God’s continued blessings on you and your ministry.”

“Father Bob’s sermons are a highlight of my week. I get so much from them to feel closer to our loving God and Jesus, His Son, who is our Brother, Redeemer, and Savior.”

“I really enjoy Father Bob’s homilies. They always leave me with something to think about!”

“Thank you, Father Bob, for your homilies. I read them a couple of times throughout the day, and I always learn something from them; always find something to ponder on.”

“Father Bob’s homilies always teach me something new!”

“Father Bob’s thoughts always give me a deeper look into the Gospel readings.”


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