Fr. Bob Prays the Rosary

There is a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes at the foot of Graymoor’s hill, and I often recall my two visits to that wonderful shrine in France. I especially recall my second visit, more than 50 years ago, when I was part of a team that took over 30 patients by train, from London across the channel down through France to Our Blessed Mother’s Shrine.

The arduous journey took its toll on the patients, and we were all exhausted by the time we reached the shrine. But slowly, as we attended the Mass, the Blessing of the Sick, the candle-lighting procession, and taking our sick patients to be dipped in the waters of the shrine, we began to change.  All of us felt a peace and a serenity we had not experienced since we left London.

The return trip was a totally different experience. There were many smiles, many thank-yous, and, as one of the doctors on the trip said, “None of our patients received a cure for their illness, but they were all healed,” including the staff.

And that was true. Healing is not curing. Not all of us need to be cured of something, but most of us need to be healed—healed of a past hurt, a past memory or relationship. We may seek out a person or place to help us in the healing process.

Such a place is Graymoor.

At the Holy Mountain Franciscan Retreat Center, thousands of people attend retreats throughout the year, and many leave spiritually renewed and refreshed. St. Christopher’s Inn helps thousands of men a year achieve and maintain recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. People drive up this mountain for many reasons—to attend prayer meetings, HIV/AIDS support groups, AA and NA meetings—or just to walk the grounds to enjoy/experience the special Spirit of Graymoor.

Many will say that this is where they find healing. I have noticed over the years that after their second or third visit, they do not refer to this place as Graymoor but rather “The Holy Mountain.”

9 thoughts on “Fr. Bob’s Greeting – February 2023 Enews

  1. Thank you Fr Bob for your article. I too went to Lourdes and it was a spirtisl healing for me with the Blessed Mother.
    I will never for get it.

  2. Father Bob – you truly are such an inspiration to me. Your messages always touch my heart! I, too, am in need of healing and guidance. Please ask God to heal my heart and lungs and to be with me daily.

  3. Thank you Father Bob for sharing this very interesting and inspiring message. Miracles and healings happen every day. God is good.

  4. I was deeply touched by what Father Bob shared, I would love to experience
    Graymoor Hill, to walk on it, to touch it, be a part of Our Lady of Lourdes
    Shrine. Have a crush left knee that needs healing, pray everyday to be healed.
    Thank you Father Bob for sharing your experience. God bless you all.

  5. Wonderful article…healing is not curing, but curing can be achieved through spirituality…I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME

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