Pictured above: Fr. Dan with Friars at the Cabrini House.

For a consecrated order, the spiritual well-being of the community is paramount for the success of the mission and holiness of the Friars. For the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, this means constantly seeking to grow towards Christ. This starts in formation, where the novices are immersed in Franciscan spirituality and taught how to further accept God’s love. This formation has attracted many young men to the order recently, and the growth of the community is encouraging for the future of the Society of the Atonement.

Brother Jan Janoszka, SA and Brother Kevin Elphick

Celebration of Br. Jan Janoszka, SA at Our Lady of Atonement Chapel, Graymoor, Sunday, January 22.

Just last week, the Friars celebrated the Final Professional Vow of Br. Jan Janoszka, SA as a Friar of the Atonement.  Brother Jan took that path and made his first vows as an Atonement Friar five years ago.

At the same mass, the Final Profession of Promise our Tertiaries, Deacon Thomas J. Malone, TSA, Deacon Thomas B. Rich, TSA, and Deacon Gary Swane, TSA was celebrated.

Formation does not end once a novice fully enters the community. Guided by Fr. Bob Warren, SA, the Spiritual Director of the Friars, and Fr. Dan Callahan, SA, 3rd Councilor and the Guardian of St. Paul’s Friary at Graymoor, the Friars are constantly praying and discerning to grow spiritually, seeking to gain virtue and love others in a truly Franciscan way.

This is true for our older Friars that reside at The Cabrini House, which accommodates Friars who are ready to step away from public ministry. With Fr. Dan’s help, the older Friars continue their relationships with Christ as they pray for the Church as taught by our founder, Servant of God Father Paul Wattson, SA. The Friars keep “running the race” of the Christian life, as St. Paul says, though in a more private setting. 

With our novitiates and newly professed Friars, as well as the Friars of the Friary and Cabrini House, the Friars show that we are never finished growing closer to Christ and becoming better Christians. We are a pilgrim people, and the Friars of the Atonement strive to take this message to heart. Let us never stop seeking the Lord in our lives.