The Centro Pro Unione has launched phase three of its formative project, Mutual Accountability Desk for Ecumenism.

The third phase, focusing on becoming a Synodical Church, began on Wednesday, February 8 – the 83rd anniversary of the passing of Servant of God Father Paul Wattson, SA, the founder of the Society of the Atonement. The first two phases of M.A.D. for Ecumenism, centered on preaching and baptism, are complete.

Titled “Diary of an Ecumenical Synodal Method,” the program that began phase three featured several participants from various Christian faith traditions. Catholics, Anglicans, Waldensians, Baptists, Orthodox and Reformed Christians each participated.

The project, which is conducted in Italian and English, was the idea of Centro Pro Unione Associate Director Teresa Rossi. It is designed to meet the expectations of Pope Francis’ invitation to Christians to walk together, face difficulties and overcome stereotypes and prejudices together. As well, it is an opportunity to handcraft unity and peace.

M.A.D. for Ecumenism sets micro-goals revolving around study, charity, actions and worship, which are divided up and carried out in the form of modules. Each module lasts around 6-8 months, with a certain amount of flexibility to meet the expectations and interests of the participants.

Each module is open to all Christian denominations, and each welcomes contributions from Theologians and experts in the field, developed to personally engage the participants. Each phase of the project includes the insight of Father Jim Puglisi, SA, the Director of the Centro Pro Unione.

The first phase, centered on preaching, launched in November of 2018. Among its highlights, phase one examined a possible potential for mutual enrichment of the Catholic/Pentecostal relationship. Click here to read the full log from Phase One: Preaching.

The second phase, focused on baptism, was aimed at putting our daily actions into a conscious and vital relationship with the new life we receive in baptism. Having begun in 2019, the module drew attention to the personal motivations inspiring our actions as Christians, and was designed to offer a richer exchange of views among different Christian faith traditions. Click here to read the full log from Phase Two: Baptism.

Located in Rome, the Centro Pro Unione is a ministry of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement and the central hub of ecumenical research and action.