Through the Centro Pro Unione in Rome, the Friars are delving deeper into an emerging ecumenical category known as “Mutual Accountability” through an initiative dubbed “MAD for Ecumenism (Mutual Accountability Desk)”. The idea for this initiative comes from the Centro’s associate director Teresa Francesca Rossi and was launched on November 15 at the Centro Pro Unione with a lecture by Rev. Olaf Fyske Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches on the theme “What does it mean for Christians to be mutually accountable?”

The project MAD for Ecumenism establishes a Mutual Accountability Desk and invites all Christian confessions to participate in this formative joint venture in ecumenism. The project will focus on outcomes that emphasize mutual charitable actions, study, and worship.

Following this initial event, the Project will continue in three stages:

  • On-site collaboration: Partnerships are free to be established according to the goals and availability of the various participants.
  • Sharing: After work has been accomplished between participants, the Project will come together in several sessions to share what has been discussed and accomplished.
  • Publication: A publication will be developed to reflect what has been shared at the sessions, establishing a foundation to move forward in this significant ecumenical work.