San Damiano House & Farm has been open since October 2017, and we are happy to report that things are running very smoothly. The 24-bed house is nearly always at capacity, and the men are readily adjusting to their new structure and responsibilities.

Sandra Iberger, Executive Director and CEO of St. Christopher’s Inn (SCI), shared that, “San Damiano is a supportive housing program, and part of the continuum of care for Brothers Christopher who do not have a community living environment that is safe enough to support their recovery after discharge.”

San Damiano affords these men a transitionary period before being reintroduced into their communities. During their stay, they continue to receive counseling services (group and individual) and vocational counseling. Before leaving, they apply for jobs and secure employment, or choose to pursue educational training such as massage therapy or culinary training.

David Gerber, Administrative Director of Counseling and Shelter Services, goes on to say, “The men of San Damiano epitomize the transition one makes as a Brothers Christopher. Not only are the men of San Damiano continuing in outpatient treatment here on the Holy Mountain, but they are attaining vocational training skills, and work towards more permanent housing. The gratitude and humility of the men of San Damiano are evidenced by their willingness to give back to the ministry, as San Damiano men volunteer all over the mountain. They offer support to men of SCI on weekends. They assist in running SCI new-comers’ groups and 12-step meetings. Future plans include having men from San Damiano run a group for SCI residents that are at-risk for discharge, to help motivate and prevent them from leaving prematurely.”

Continue to keep the ministry of San Damiano House & Farm in your prayers. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!