Ash Wednesday Ukraine Prayers

The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, engaged in the ministry of the Gospel in the United States of America, Canada, Japan, The United Kingdom, Italy and Peru, join with other Franciscans and Christians and all people of good will throughout the world in condemnation of the invasion and violence perpetuated on the people and government of Ukraine by forces of the Russian Federation. As we have done for 124 years, we join our voices to the prayer of Jesus, “that all may be one.” John 17:21.

From our home base at Graymoor in Garrison, N.Y., we call for fervent prayer for Ukraine on this holy day of repentance, Ash Wednesday, and every day of Lent. Pray for the freedom and peace of Ukraine and for God’s merciful word to the Russian government to stop the perpetuation of violence. Pray for our world, that the Atonement, the “At-One-Ment” of Jesus Christ, might fill the hearts of all involved so that the world will move towards peace, reconciliation and justice.

We pray, knowing of the serious threat which current actions of the Russian government are to the stability of our whole world. We pray for an immediate ceasefire and for diplomatic remedies to the present crisis leading to the continued integrity and independence of Ukraine. Calling upon all believers, we shout out loud: “Let us be instruments of God’s peace.”

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