Fr. Bob Prays the Rosary

There is a great deal of secular sentimentality at Christmas which makes it difficult for Christ to make an impact. The swarms of Santa, the innocuous cards that say, “Seasons Greeting,” and songs like Winter Wonderland. But there can also be some underbrush of spiritual sentimentality, and it can be a far more serious hindrance than the secular kind.

Spiritual sentimentality is the superficial acceptance of the religious trappings of Christmas, without really coming to grips with what Jesus came to teach and do. Yes, I have to admit, I love the Christmas trees, and sitting by the nativity scene in church and realizing that I am looking at a depiction of the greatest event in human history. In every religion people seek their God, but in Christianity God seeks His people by becoming one of them. And look where He was born, not in an antiseptic hospital, or even at the Bethlehem Hilton, but in a cave, stable, whose cold air hung heavy with the smell of animals.

Spiritual sentimentality is enamored with the baby Jesus, but largely disregards the risen Christ. Yes, enjoy the warm feelings Christianity brings; enjoy Christmas mass with its wonderful carols; enjoy the Holy Child. But never forget the strong, bold, living and transforming Christ. As you kneel at the crib this year, tell that little child how grateful you are that He came into this world, and that you will serve Him every day of your life.

7 thoughts on “Fr. Bob’s Greeting – December Enews

  1. I have been receiving articles from Father Bob for many years and I have loved all of them. His writings go straight to my heart and his interpretation of the gospel each week always makes me think and gives me a greater understanding of God. He is truly a blessing to me and I am sure to everyone who reads his articles. Bless you Father Bob always.

  2. I enjoyed this very much. Can totally relate to issue of superficiality of religious sentiments and think many others long for an authentic acceptance and acceptance of our faith. I think we all need to be drawn back to just what our faith means in daily expression of our roles in life. Thank you .

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this perspective. I really like the idea of kneeling at His Crib and telling Him “I will serve you every day of my life”. Thank you for this wonderful suggestion. God Bless you.

  4. As a Catholic I am so blessed to have Advent to fast, pray my Bible, and attend extra Masses and Adoration when I can! And then there’s Christmas and Epiphany-doesn’t get any better than this✨❣️✨Bless all you Holy men of God-you are tucked into my prayers

  5. Thank Fr. Bob ,You nail it,sorry for the use of a tired colloquialism.A very Blessed CHRISTMAS to you and all the Friars,

  6. Blessed are your words fr. Bob! My heart
    goes deep within my soul when reading these words that make us re-think us and our foundations. I pray we all stand firm in our Catholic faith. Amen

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