I receive many letters over the course of a month. I have to admit most of them are sad. Good people tell me their problems—loss of a job, serious illness, divorce. The list goes on. Inevitably, there’s always a reference to carrying one’s cross.

It seems part of the human condition that at some time in life we will all carry a cross just as Jesus did. But I ask you to remember that even Jesus had someone helping Him carry His cross, and He will help us carry ours.

I do not know what kind of cross you carry now. I do know, that whether it be pain of body or spirit, disappointments, the death of a loved one, the insecurities of youth and the trembling of old age, the cross touches all of us. The cross hangs over all of our lives and with all my years of Theology, I still do not know why.

We all shudder a little when Christ warns us that life can get tough, and that we have to face up to it. None of us likes cross carrying. Yet, there is no human pain that cannot be touched to the cross of Christ. The only thing that can help us carry the crosses that are so much a part of life is our relationship with God. And through this relationship you will love Him because you have touched Him and He has touched you.

The questions of why suffering, why pain, why do bad things happen to good people, those questions will not wear away. Still, we don’t have to be like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Remember them? They were walking away from Jerusalem after Christ’s death, away from the suffering, away from the cross, when the resurrected Christ joined them on the road. They did not recognize Him. They tell Him of all their disappointment and frustration of seeing their Savior crucified. And when He told them they were foolish for leaving, they did not recognize Him—because they had missed the Resurrection.

We need not run away from our problems, pain and suffering. Just as your Gethsemane is His garden, and your Calvary is also His cross, when you carry your cross, He is there, you are touching Him and His love. And through His love you will be sharing in His Resurrection.

6 thoughts on “Fr. Bob’s Greeting – August 2023 Enews

  1. Thank you for reminding me…again of Jesus’ love for me for us. My cross is lighter than what I know other people carry. But I pray they remember to hold on and never let go of Jesus’ promises.

  2. I always enjoy Fr. Bob’s homilies & writings. He always touches my heart in a way I never thought of before. Even if I’ve heard & read the scripurtes before. I am so grateful!! Thank you!

  3. Dear Father Bob, I was so inspired by your article, and I held onto every word. Thank you for sharing your heart to each of us . I feel more peace and calm to go forward. God Bless. Thank you!

  4. My faith in Christ has sustained me through the death of my Husband, David…When I needed Him the most, Jesus ALWAYS CARRIED ME…the nice thing is, I know he is with me always & I am truly confident in His love…He has been my one true constant throughout my live…BELIEVE!!!

  5. Thank you I was diagnosed with liver cancer and the sadness, stress of going through surgery, treatments and fear are overwhelming. Please pray that my treatments work and that God Will hear my healing prayers

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