Father Brian Terry, SA, Minister General of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, attended Christ the Redeemer Church growing up. He later was ordained a priest at the house of worship in Sterling, Virginia

The Friars helped found the Church in 1972, and spent 46 years of ministry at the parish. There, they facilitated countless sacramental rites and taught Servant of God Father Paul Wattson’s message that all may be one.

On Sunday, May 1, Christ the Redeemer celebrated its 50th anniversary. Father Brian visited and was a concelebrant in the anniversary Mass, which was said in both English and Spanish.

Over the years, many Friars served at Christ the Redeemer, including Father Bill Schmidt, SA, who oversaw the building of the original church.

Father Dennis Polanco, SA, Father Jim Loughran, SA, Father Bob Langone, SA, Father Frank Eldridge, SA, and many others also spent time at the church during their respective ministries.

Since its building, Christ the Redeemer has been a multicultural parish that strives to help all people know love, serve Christ and ultimately live with Him forever in His eternal home of Heaven.

During the Friars’ service at Christ the Redeemer from 1972 to 2018, the Friars baptized 13,470 babies; handed out first Communion to more than 7,000 children; confirmed 4,500 young people; married 1,373 couples; and laid to rest more than 900 parishioners.

A second celebration at Christ the Redeemer is planned for Wednesday, June 1 at 7:30 p.m. The parish has extended a warm invitation to all Friars and supporters of the Society of the Atonement who wish to attend.

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  1. Thank you Fr. Brian for changing your plans and attending this wonderful celebration! This parish is one of my favorite Franciscan places. The Friars are loved so much. The presence of the founding Friars meant the world to the parish. I have had phone calls already about how happy and surprised they were to have you present on this very special day.

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