Things had been heating up at the Centro Pro Unione well before the summer solstice. The organization shows no signs of slowing through the summer as it continues to provide events to further At-One-Ment in Italy and around the world. 

In the spring, Centro Pro Unione hosted the seminars “Newman, Wesley and the Logic of Unity: An Inductive Ecumenism” by Prof. Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman and “Wisdom, Virtues and Vices in the Book of Proverbs: Some Philosophical and Ethical Considerations” by Rabbi Jack Bemporad. 

In May, Centro Pro Unione launched a book, “The Vatican and Permanent Neutrality,” and hosted a panel discussion on the project with several experts. Meanwhile, a meeting held May 24-27 brought together the leaders of the New Charismatic Churches and Catholic charismatic leaders. These groups have been meeting every two years since 1999 to grow in dialogue.

Centro Pro Unione’s graduate-level summer class, “Introduction to the Ecumenical & Interreligious Movements from a Roman Catholic Perspective,” began on June 27 and runs through July 15. Students enjoy three weeks of study and prayer to further their understanding of true ecumenism.

Finally, the Centro Pro Unione Bulletin is celebrating its 100th edition. Since its founding, the bulletin has published 460 articles by 222 authors in five languages. 

Be on the lookout for more offerings throughout the summer and the rest of the year!