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Sites at Graymoor

Sites at Graymoor

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Sites at Graymoor Crucifixion Scene at Entrance Triangular Garden and Shrine of Our Lady of the Atonement St. Francis Convent II and Our Lady of the Angels Chapel St. John the Baptist Church Our Lady of the Atonement Retreat House Sunken Garden 'Bethlehem' - Sisters' Gift Shop St. Francis Convent III St. Joseph's Cemetery/Mother Lurana's Tomb St. Christopher's Inn 'That Nothing Be Lost' Thrift Shop Little Flower Square/Graymoor Book and Gift Center St. Francis Chapel Tomb of Fr. Paul Holy Spirit Chapel Corpus Christi Cross Profession Site of Fr. Paul St. Pius X Building/Graymoor Spiritual Life Center Pilgrim Hall Altar of the Atonement St. Anthony Shrine Picnic Area Ball Field Friars' Cemetery Mother Lurana House and Palace of Lady Poverty
Crucifixion Scene at Entrance 1. Crucifixion Scene at Entrance It is fitting that a large wayside crucifix greets visitors, for Father Paul and Mother Lurana. the founders of the Society of the Atonement, were devoted to the Passion and Death of Christ. more >>
Triangular Garden and Shrine of Our Lady of the Atonement2. Triangular Garden & Shrine of Our Lady of the Atonement The triangular garden behind the crucifixion scene continues the theme of the Christ's Passion and Death. A statue depicts him in the Garden of Gethsemani. more >>
3. St. Francis Convent II and Our Lady of the Angels Chapel St. Francis Convent, the second residence of the Sisters, was dedi­cated in October 1899.  The convent contains Mother Lurana’s suite of rooms. more >>
4. St. John the Baptist Church Originally an inter­denomi­na­tional chapel known as St. John’s-in-the-Wil­der­ness, the church and property were offered to Father Paul and Mother Lurana in 1898 as a place to begin the Society of the Atonement. more >>
5. Our Lady of the Atonement Retreat House Built in 1917 as a modest cottage and small hos­pi­tal (though it never functioned as such), this has expanded into a cozy, 3-story retreat center. more >>
6. Sunken Garden A place for quiet and reflection, adorned with a statue of Christ on the cross bending down to embrace St. Francis. Statues of St. Anthony, St. Martin De Porres, and St. Maria Goretti also stand here. more >>
7. “Bethlehem” — Sisters’ Gift Shop “Bethlehem” was once home to the Sisters' very popular Nativity Play and the Tabernacle Guild, which made vestments. more >>
8. St. Francis Convent III This houses the pro­fessed Sisters and their general ad­min­is­tra­tion offices. Also located here is the Sisters' Archives. In 2006, a new chapel was added that boasts a unique pewter tabernacle.  more >>
9. St. Joseph’s Cemetery/Mother Lurana's Tomb Over 200 Sisters and lay people who played important roles in the Society’s history are buried in the two levels of St. Joseph’s Cemetery. more >>
10. St. Christopher’s Inn Father Paul and Mother Lurana saw the image of Christ in the home­less men who came to Graymoor and called them “brothers Christopher.” more >>
11. "That Nothing Be Lost Thrift Shop" Housed in a 3-story round-stone building, the Thrift Shop sells do­nated clothing, items, and antiques to support the Inn whose clients staff it.  more >>
13. Little Flower Square / Graymoor Book and Gift Center The Graymoor Book and Gift Center occupies one corner of Little Flower Square. On the other side is Graymoor's Little Flower Cloister Walk.  more >>
16. St. Francis Chapel Hailed as Graymoor’s most beautiful chapel, St. Francis Chapel, called the "Miracle in the Woods," was built by the homeless men of St. Christo­pher’s Inn. more >>
17. Tomb of Fr. Paul Occupying a spot Father Paul called Calvary Rock, Fr. Paul’s tomb bears the words of Christ, “That They All May Be One,” that compelled him to spend his life praying and working for Christian Unity.
more >>
18. Holy Spirit Chapel This crowns the 700-foot summit of the Mount of the Atonement. A glass-enclosed roof served as a site for spotting suspicious aircraft during World War II and, later, as a ham radio station. 
more >>
19. Corpus Christi Cross When Fr. Paul erected this 16-foot-high cedar cross on the top of the Mount of the Atonement on June 14, 1900 (the Feast of Corpus Christi), he claimed the site for God and pledged that the labors of the Friars and Sisters would labor for the glory of God and the extension of God’s kingdom.
more >>
20. Profession Site of Fr. Paul On July 27, 1900, Father Paul made his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience on this spot. more >>
21. St. Pius X Building / Graymoor Spiritual Life Center The largest building at Graymoor is home to the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center, the Friars’ general administration offices, Archives / Records Center, and the Friars’ living quarters.more >>
22. Our Lady of the Atonement Chapel Constructed in 1950 as a “temporary chapel” to accom­modate pilgrimage crowds, Pilgrim Hall is a marvel of architectural design. Huge beams span the space and support the ceiling without pillars. more >>
23. Altar of the Atonement Outside Pilgrim Hall stands the Altar of the Atonement, surmounted by a 16-foot-high crucifixion scene. Flanking the altar are Stations of the Cross leading down to the St. Anthony Shrine.
more >>
24. St. Anthony Shrine The culmination of Father Paul's dream to build a grand shrine to the Saint, it is constructed of granite and fieldstone and features a marble statue of St. Anthony holding the child Jesus. 
more >>
25. Picnic Area During the summer, hundreds of visitors come to Graymoor by charter bus, car, train, taxi, and even by foot. more >>
26. Ball Field Appalachian Trail hikers may use the campsite/shelter at the ball field with water, cold shower, and covered picnic pavilion free of charge. Pizza delivery menu is posted. more >>
27. Friars’ Cemetery Friars and homeless men from St. Christo­pher’s Inn lie at rest in this 2-level cemetery. A crucifix watches over the upper level; a statue of the Virgin Mother stands over the lower one. more >>
28. Mother Lurana House and Palace of Lady Poverty was built in 1937 for women who wished to spend the “sunset of life” in a reli­gious atmosphere. Today it is a day-care center for senior citizens. more >>

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