The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement are proud to announce that we have recently launched our newest Discernment Ministry initiative aimed at reaching young adults. The RU1@1? challenge is a series of 21 daily challenges delivered by email to those who register for the program. The daily tips seek to help participants find At-One-Ment with God, others, and within themselves.

For the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, accompanying people in their quest for unity is a way of life. Through the RU1@1? challenge, we seek to help people realize that living a life of integrity is not just about the big life-changing decisions, it’s about the way they live every day, in every hour, in each moment. The twenty-one inspirational tips provided help people to find peace and unity through restoring fundamental relationships.

The daily reminders sent directly through email provide brief, yet powerful reflections that reach young people where they’re at – on the internet! We are seeking to journey with those who need ongoing encouragement and support.

Although the content is geared toward young adults, anyone can benefit from these tips. Register yourself or pass along this information to a family member or friend.  Find out more about the RU1@1? program and register here!