An article published in the Putnam County News & Recorder on October 25, 2017, highlighted the impact of St. Christopher’s Inn and the necessity of such programs in the New York Hudson Valley area. The Inn serves as a place of recovery and healing for those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction.


David Gerber is Director of Counseling & Shelter Services at the Inn. In the article, Gerber stated that the men who come to the program have an average stay of almost 90 days, three times longer than most rehab programs. The longer stay is more effective for both physical recovery, as well as spiritual and emotional well-being.


One interesting note in the article was that men at the Inn are referred to as the “Brothers Christopher” as opposed to patient. This may seem like a simple play on words, but it underscores the effort to connect the men to each other and to God. “When someone has an addiction,” Gerber said, “it is a very isolating process, so the Inn’s goal is to help men grow connections with other people, and the world around them.” By focusing on the whole person, the Inn can impact the lives of the men on a deeper level than other rehab programs.


This approach is clearly effective as St. Christopher’s Inn has the highest success rate for completion of a substance abuse program in New York State (77%).


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