Minister General Fr. Brian Terry, SA concelebrated Mass at the 50th anniversary of the NCDC in Chicago.

This year, the National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC) celebrated 50 years of gathering with fundraising and development colleagues to share, network, learn, pray and support each other. As founding members of NCDC, the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement were proud to celebrate and participate in this milestone to benefit Catholic causes.

The goal of NCDC is “to assist Catholic organizations in the ministry of philanthropy by empowering members to promote our common Gospel mission, inspire our communities and better our world.” This mission aligns well with the Atonement Friars and their desire to build unity in everything they do, and with the creativity of Servant of God Fr. Paul Wattson, SA with respect to fundraising and development.

You already know that, Fr. Paul is known for his leadership in the areas of Christian unity, service, and outreach, but did you know that he was also ahead of his time when it came to development? Taking vows of poverty allowed Fr. Paul to maintain an eternal perspective on money, which made being a good steward of resources a top priority for him. He was a great motivator when it came to giving, and an even greater advocate when it came to providing for those in great need.

Today, Minister General Fr. Brian Terry, SA, along with all the Atonement Friars, carry on the tradition of fundraising in a meaningful way that seeks first to evangelize, and also to utilize creativity in order to be as efficient and resourceful as possible. At the recent event in Chicago, Fr. Terry concelebrated Mass at the 2018 celebration with Bishop Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois.