To paraphrase George Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess” – it’s summertime, but for many the living isn’t easy.  I say this because every day at Graymoor we receive many requests for prayers from all over the world.  People who have logged on to our website, called or written letters asking the Friars to remember their petitions in our masses, prayers and novenas.

Some of them are sad and heartbroken over failed relationships; others are struggling from the loss of a job or those suffering from a serious illness or loss of a loved one.  Every day we carefully and faithfully bring these prayer requests to the altar here at Graymoor. However, we also hear from people who want to thank Almighty God for favors granted or as one lady said the “miracle of healing.”

While going through all the requests I often think to myself how thankful that I am that God does not have an answering service.  Could you imagine starting to pray and being interrupted by a voice telling us to press 1 for health, 2 for family, 3 for job loss, etc.?

But we can take comfort in knowing that our God is always here for us, always available and always listening when we need him.  God is a friend, is beloved, and is in a relationship with us and like any relationship, God only asks for our trust.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ, who had his doubts, is proof that God will have the last word.

As my grandfather used to say – work as if everything depended on you and pray as if everything depended on God – and it does.

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