Recently, Fr. James Gardiner, SA, was featured in Crux Now, a Catholic News publication, for his work facilitating pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and the powerful impact that the experience has on one’s faith journey. In the article, he explained how walking where Christ once walked and seeing the Lord’s tomb is life-changing for all who have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land.

“Something just happens to you,” he said. “I’ll tell you this. I have yet to meet anyone on any pilgrimages who haven’t said as we are at the airport leaving how they hated to leave. They never say they had a good time, you know, they say, ‘I really hate to leave. Something’s happened. Something has changed in some way.’”

Please keep the individuals attending the 2019 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, led Fr. Jim Gardiner, in late October in your prayers! Click below to read the complete article.

Monastery connects U.S. Catholics to Holy Land, events in Christ’s life by Elizabeth Bachmann, Crux Now