Blessing of the Bricks

Some 100 benefactors came to Graymoor on Thursday, June 8 for Heritage and Appreciation Day, which featured the solemn blessing of the bricks at St. Anthony Shrine.

After a morning Mass at Our Lady of the Atonement Chapel, Minister General Father Brian Terry, SA, led guests to the walkway that leads up to the shrine, which is laden with remembrance bricks.

Father Brian then offered some words to the attendees before reciting a short prayer and sprinkling holy water on the bricks.

“God has made His love known to us through the lives of different saints,” Father Brian said. “Whether it has been the big ones who get recognized like St. Anthony, or the little ones in our lives, like our mothers, fathers, grandmas or grandpas or people who care for us. Let’s remember, in thanksgiving, the blessing that they were in our lives. We celebrate our relationships; we celebrate who was with us. That’s what makes our lives different.”

A luncheon for benefactors that included an update on the Friars’ ministries was held following the blessing of the bricks. The Friars last held a Benefactor Day at Graymoor on April 20.

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