Fr. Bill Drobach, SA, began serving as the Friars Novice Director in Assisi in January of this year. Fr. Bill reports that all is well in Italy, and that he and the men in formation have been busy celebrating their Franciscan heritage as well as entering further into discernment.

The community paid a visit to Greccio, Italy, where St. Francis set up the first crèche with people and animals. They celebrated Mass in the cave where St. Francis attended Christmas Mass in 1223. They also spent a few hours touring the Hermitage where Francis lived for a while. It was a wonderful retreat day, exploring and celebrating their Franciscan roots.

During Holy Week, their community will have a retreat at the Novitiate. The men who are candidates in Rome will also travel up to Assisi for the occasion. They will celebrate Holy Week services at the San Rufino cathedral in Assisi – which was built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style.