This month, the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center will offer two retreat opportunities for those wishing to enter more deeply into the spirituality behind the “12 Steps” and their use in everyday life. Both retreats, The 12 Steps of Spirituality for Everyday Life  (July 14) and The Spirituality of the 12 Steps (July 20-22) will give participants the chance to apply the principles first developed by Bill W. as the foundation for Alcoholics Anonymous, towards whatever challenges they may be facing. Offering these foundational retreats through the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center represents another example of how the Friars care for those suffering with addiction, offering help from their “rock-bottom” moments to ongoing recovery and sobriety.

The deeply engaging retreats take the Friars’ mission and ministry of At-One-Ment one step further by applying the powerful spiritual framework of the 12 Steps to other aspects of peoples’ lives. The Friars recognize that the spirituality of the 12 Steps transcends multiple religious and secular traditions, provides a spiritual approach for everyone, and offers freedom by getting to the heart of the most basic of human desires: happiness, peace, and inner freedom.

When men in crisis find their way to St. Christopher’s Inn, they learn that addiction impacts mind, body and spirit.  The Friars and the staff work together to help these men find holistic recovery by offering spirituality as a guiding principle. Learning about and using the 12 steps as a basis for recovery brings about healing and health.

The Friars are committed to helping people find and maintain the freedom and joy that recovery from addiction brings. Pray for those who will find hope and healing at Graymoor Spiritual Life Center and consider signing up for an upcoming retreat!  You can view all Recovery Retreats offered through the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center here.