Audio Stories of the Life of Christ

Rebroadcast from the Ave Maria Hour

The Ave Maria Hour first aired on April 26, 1935, and continued until 1969, encouraging and entertaining listeners. It was heard on more than 350 stations as well as on the Armed Forces Radio Service, and received many awards including the Golden Bell Award in 1959, presented by Ed Sullivan on live television.

The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement are happy to provide this restoration of the very popular series “The Life of Christ,” which consists of 44 shows. These professionally scripted and acted half-hour installments include an opening message from Fr. Bob Warren, SA, introducing this treasure of old-time radio dramas to a new generation of the faithful.

We hope these dramatizations of stories about the life of Christ from the Gospel provide not only entertainment but a vehicle for meaningful reflection during this season of Lent.