Brother Charles Kenney, SA

About Brother Charles Kenney, SA


Brother Charles Kenney, SA lives at Graymoor in Garrison, NY. For over a decade he has worked at St. Christopher’s Inn, a ministry of the Friars’ that is a homeless shelter and alcohol/drug rehabilitation facility for men. He believes that the ministry of St. Christopher’s Inn is important because it gives men an opportunity to turn their lives around and away from addiction, and the program is unique because it offers a spiritual dimension which is part of its success.

Brother Charles entered the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement in July, 1962, took First Vows in July, 1965 and Final Vows in August, 1971.

Over the years, he has been assigned to various ministries. He helped to operate a large heating and steam plant here at Graymoor and did Maintenance work at Graymoor. He also spent several years in pastoral ministry at St. Anthony’s Church in Hereford, Texas. For seven years, he worked at New Hope Manor, a drug rehabilitation program for women. He also served nine years in pastoral / social ministry in Jamaica, W.I. before coming to St. Christopher’s Inn.

The reason he joined the Friars of the Atonement was to be able to experience some kind of missionary ministry which had an ecumenical dimension to it. He prays that the various ecumenical ministries in which the Friars are engaged will continue to grow in the future, and that the Church will grow, especially in places where there are few missionaries.