General Council Member

Team Members

V. Rev. Emil Tomaskovic, SA

Minister General

Elected Minister General in 2024.
Fr. Dennis Polanco

Fr. Dennis Polanco, SA

Vicar General, 1st Councilor

President and Spiritual Director of St. Christopher’s Inn, the Friars’ residential shelter and substance abuse treatment center at Graymoor in Garrison, New York.
Fr. Jan Janoszka SA

Fr. Jan Janoszka, SA

2nd Councilor

Elected 2nd Councilor in 2024
Br. Paolo Nicosia

Brother Paolo S. Nicosia, SA

3rd Councilor

Elected 3rd Councilor in 2024. Serves as Procurator General to the Holy See and Director of European Vocations and Formation.

Fr. Kenneth Cienik, SA

4th Councilor

Elected 4th Councilor in 2024. Retired Commander in the Chaplain Corps of the United States Navy Reserve. Associate Pastor at the Chapel of Our Savior in Brockton, MA.