General Council Member

Team Members

V. Rev. Brian F. Terry, SA

Minister General

Elected in 2014 then re-elected in 2019, current Minister General

Fr. James Loughran, SA

Vicar General, 1st Councilor

Currently Director of the Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute

Fr. Timothy MacDonald, SA

2nd Councilor

2nd Councilor, Guardian and Administrator at the Paul Wattson Friary in Toronto

Fr. Daniel Callahan, SA

3rd Councilor

Elected 3rd Councilor in 2014, re-elected in 2019, and currently serves as the Friars’ Mission Effectiveness Officer and Guardian of St. Paul Friary at Graymoor.

Fr. Robert Langone, SA

4th Councilor

Elected 4th Councilor in 2019, and currently serves as Pastor of St. Joan of Arc Church in Toronto.