“This is the first step on my road to being one with God and His unconditional son.”

These are the powerful words shared by one of the participants who took part in the most recent Discernment Weekend that took place from October 13th-15th.  Each of the eleven men from Christ the Redeemer Parish in Sterling, VA, led by Minister General Fr. Brian Terry, SA, and Paul Krenzelok, Director of Discernment Ministry, shared similar sentiments about their retreat experience.

“An outstanding experience. I felt extremely close to the Lord, and left with a sense of peace, optimism, and feeling spiritually invigorated.”

The weekend consisted of several talks given by both Fr. Brian and Paul Krenzelok that focused on the theme of  discerning God’s will for our lives. Participants learned that all have a call by virtue of our baptism to strive for sainthood. The men were reminded that sainthood isn’t reserved only for a select few, but that it is truly the goal for each and every one of us.

In addition to the inspiring talks, the men were able to discuss and share with one another in small groups, spend quiet time alone in prayer, and attend Eucharistic Adoration. Many of the retreatants felt that the Pilgrimage to the Sacred Spaces of Graymoor led by Fr. Brian was one of the highlights of the weekend. One of the men said, “The history and beginnings of the order is so impressive. Such humble beginnings; beautiful architecture, and still growing. I really appreciated the pilgrimage.”

Christ the Redeemer is one of the parishes that the Friars administer and it is also the home parish of Fr. Brian. He was encouraged by all those who attended, many of whom were Knights of Columbus. Fr. Brian said, “It was wonderful to lead a retreat for men from my home parish. Some of these men have known my family for many years. I was moved by how deeply the men delved into the weekend.”