“The joy of my ministry is found by the presence of the men who come to us from the peripheries—the homeless, the hungry, those addicted to drugs and alcohol—who have nowhere else to turn and find a home in the house of the Friars.”
~ Fr. Ken Cienik, SA

While September has only been recognized as National Recovery Month for the past seven years, the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement have been welcoming men in need of recovery to their home on the Holy Mountain of Graymoor for more than 110 years. In fact, helping men and women to find recovery is one of the cornerstones of the Friars’ Mission, as seen through their many ministries, including St. Christopher’s Inn, the Friars’ shelter and addiction treatment center; Do Not Fear to Hope, the Friars’ ministry for people with HIV+/AIDS; and the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center, which offers many Recovery themed retreats throughout the year.

One upcoming retreat is the SOAR (Surviving Our Alcoholic Relationships) Retreat, led by Nancy Veriker. Nancy, along with her son, JP Veriker, shared their family’s story of JP’s addiction and recovery in Unchained: Our Familiy’s Addiction Mess is our Message. Learn more about Nancy, JP and their journey by watching this recent clip of Nancy in an interview on LIVE! on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

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