This year’s annual Sharing Hope Celebration dinner will be graced by original works of art created by Br. Ted Novak, SA. His unique pottery will be on display for all to enjoy throughout the evening.


Br. Ted is a well known artist and is involved in both the Valley Artists Association and the Garrison Art Center. Brother Ted’s ceramics and his religious artwork can be found at many shops and galleries throughout New York.


Br. Ted has spent the past forty-five years of his life as an artist. His specialties are Firing Crystals and Glazed Ceramic Arts. In 1970, Br. Ted began studying advanced glazing, porcelain, plaster, and bisque techniques at the Duncan and Mayco Ceramics Studio. He then studied the art and craft of chalk on plaster and ceramic bisque with Grumbacher, a leader in American art materials, in 1989 while living in Seminole, Florida.


The gift of art is one that Br. Ted uses as a tool of evangelization. He often creates Floral and Ceramic works of art that celebrate the seasons of the Liturgical calendar. Br. Ted shared that, “The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement are known for their ecumenical and interreligious work. Through my art, I have contact with people of many faiths.I hope that I am able to give them an understanding of the Roman Catholic faith.”


Join us in praying that Br. Ted’s artwork continues to inspire others to understand more about the faith.