The Friars recognize that discovering one’s vocation is not usually as simple as asking God’s will for your life and hearing a direct, clear answer immediately in one’s heart. Very often, it’s a process, a conversation between an individual and God, sometimes over the course of a number of years.

In the 21st century, we’re blessed enough to have centuries of men and women who have walked the path of discernment before us. Their journeys can offer wisdom and insight into our own. It is for this reason, that we offer an Online Discernment Tool.

Within this tool, discerners will meet four real-life figures who also listened for what God might be asking of their lives:

As discerners read more about these figures, they’ll have the opportunity to ask themselves questions about their own lives and what step they may be called to next.

Are you facing a crossroad in your life or know a young discerner who is considering their own vocation? Work through the Online Discernment Tool and share it with others!