We all begin the New Year with our resolutions. It would be so nice if we could remember and keep them. Many of our resolutions focus on being and becoming a new person and that seems always to be a nice idea that quickly goes by the wayside… Why so? Can it be because in order to live what we promise we are going to do in the New Year we have to change? And we all know change isn’t easy.

We all know that Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year” as the song reminds us but so is the New Year. As we enter 2018 can we look back on our lives an celebrate that which God has given us but also take the time to see where we just might need to change. Resolutions have always been about deciding for the New Year, can we decide to live our lives as the Christians we are called to be. What a novel idea if we were to spend more of our time doing the things Jesus asks of us like feeding the poor, visiting the prisoner, caring for the sick and the lonely. The scriptures are full of all kinds of suggestions for grace filled living in the New Year. In this New Year let us take to heart on of the many “tweets” of Pope Francis…”The world makes us look to ourselves, our possessions, our desires. The Gospel invites us to be open to others, to share with the poor….we have in out hands, the responsibility and also the possibility of making this world much better”

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