Although he was enjoying a very successful career on Wall Street, Thomas Banacki felt a different calling. When a deacon from Bayonne, NJ, said, “You might be interested in visiting Graymoor and meeting the Friars,” he agreed.

“The rest is history,” said Br. Thomas Banacki, SA.

“After I completed the Novitiate in 1992, I went to work at St. Christopher’s Inn and later founded its thrift store, Nothing Be Lost,” he said. “I knew there was potential and I wanted to see if I could raise $5,000, so I decided that we’d have a yard sale.”

He sent out notices to everyone who worked at Graymoor and across the community, inviting them to bring items to sell. The response was overwhelming.

“People also donated their cars and it almost seemed like we would have to become a car dealership,” he said. “We sold coffee and muffins and when I counted the money we had during lunch, we already collected $4,000. And by the end of the day, we earned $10,000.”

In 2004, Br. Thomas joined the Chapel of Our Savior in Brockton, MA. He became manager of its gift shop and, ultimately, Guardian of the Chapel, both of which are open Tuesday through Saturday. The chapel offers daily Mass and confession.

None of this would have been possible without Br. Thomas, according to Fr. Dennis Polanco, president and spiritual director at St. Christopher’s Inn.

Based on his success at Graymoor, Br. Thomas knew he could do the same in Brockton. He only intended to stay “a little while,” but more than 20 years later, he remains very happy there. The chapel gift shop also continues to do well, selling Rosaries, candles, jewelry, statues, and incense.

In 2014, Br. Thomas received the Franciscan Federation’s annual Peacemaker award for his 24 years of service as part of the community.

With great joy, Br. Thomas lives out his calling, working alongside the dedicated volunteers each day. He firmly believes that “word of mouth keeps us successful, as well as our volunteers.”Consecration at Mass Chapel of Our Savior Brockton LR

“We are blessed to have had Br. Thomas’ influence and dedication within Brockton’s ministry and look forward to many more fruitful years,” Fr. Polanco said.

We invite you to visit the chapel in person. For more information, click here.

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