On July 23, Fr. Dan Callahan, SA, participated in the intensive Ironman Triathlon with more than 3,000 men and women who joined in this annual event. Fr. Dan has traditionally participated in the Iron Man event to raise funds to support the Friars’
ministries—this is his 22nd Triathlon! The night prior, Fr. Dan celebrated the Iron Man Mass at St. Agnes Church in Lake Placid (pictured).

Fr. Dan considers the hours of exercise he does each week a form of prayer. He has previously explained that “When your body is active, your mind is free and becomes an emotional and spiritual clearinghouse.”

For Fr. Dan, the Iron Man competition is more than a race — it is his way of investing in those whom the Friars serve — including the homeless and those suffering from alcoholism, drug addictions, and HIV/AIDS. He knows that his athletic accomplishments grant him a certain respect with those who have lost their way, as he can speak from a unique perspective of knowing what it’s like to push oneself towards a seemingly impossible goal.

This, indeed, is Fr. Dan’s motivation; he explains: “After the race I speak about it with those suffering with the disease of addiction to tell them how deeply they have inspired me. My struggle in the endurance of an Ironman is one day a year. Their struggle is one day at a time every day for the rest of their lives.”

You can make a tribute gift to Fr. Dan’s “Iron Friar” efforts here.