Advent Reflections – by Fr. Bob Warren, S.A.

Advent, which means “coming,” is in reality a time of waiting. Waiting is something many of us are not used to doing. So today I ask you, what are you waiting for?
Some aren’t sure what they are waiting for. Others are simply waiting for the whole thing to end. Like Lent, for them Advent is a bore.

What are you waiting for? You alone really know. But what should you be waiting for?
The liturgy tells us again and again that we should be waiting for the Lord, for the coming of the saving Christ. That is true, but we must never forget that we meet Christ every day and He is in a thousand disguises.

One day He will show up as an old woman in a wheelchair at the nursing home, or the homeless drug addict needing help. Another day He will be a child wanting someone to read Him a book. Or He could be the patient in the hospital needing a visit, or the teenager needing encouragement. Today He might be a single mother needing a babysitter, and tomorrow a wife needing a hug.

During this season of Advent, it is well and good for us to anticipate the coming of Christ at the end of the world and at Christmas. But as we prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas, we should not forget, most days Christ will be in the midst of the ordinary, appearing to us in some clever disguises, such as a baby in a manger. He lives in the people we see all around us. Don’t wait: share the joy of His coming with those you meet every day.

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