It has been a long journey since we entered the season of Lent on Ash Wednesday. We have known the gift of Holy Thursday, the agony of Good Friday, the glorious triumph of Easter Sunday and bewilderment of the Ascension.

Today we celebrate the conclusion of that journey, as we enter into a whole new dimension of God’s working with, for, and through His people. The message God chooses to share with us is so vital. He pulled out all the stops to ensure we heard it.

Unlike many of the important events in Christ’s life, this one is dramatic and spectacular. The culmination of His time on earth is unlike anything ever before experienced. Picture the group of Apostles huddled together in fear. Then suddenly, a great wind filled the room. A tongue of fire appeared over each person and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

The same Holy Spirit who brooded over the waters when God made Heaven and Earth. The same Holy Spirit who spoke through the Old Testament prophets. The same Holy Spirit who overshadowed a young woman and made her the Holy Mother of God.

When we think of Pentecost, the word “power” comes to mind. The Apostles were given power they never had before. There is all kinds of different power in our world. There is political power. The president can veto bills, and put pressure on other countries. There is economic power. The Dow Jones average and Wall Street make the world go round.

There is now the power of computers. We can no longer live without them. They put people in outer space, they fly our planes and fight our wars. Computers balance our checkbooks and even tell us the weather.

But there is power that is, in a sense, outside our world. The power of the Holy Spirit. St. Paul never stops talking about the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit that filled the twelve on the first Pentecost. And, so it seems we have the power of the world and the power of the Spirit.

Worldly power is not God’s enemy. He created it and said it was good. Our job is to bring the power of the Spirit into the world. After Mass, we go back into the world to make a difference. Our thoughts, words and deeds reflect the presence of God within us.

The Church originated not with people, but with God. Christ founded it, heads it and guides it. And it is more believable when its love is visible. Yes, the Church will wax and wane; cynics will continue to write its obituary. But the Church is here to stay. For the Church is the creation of God, who said, “I will be with you until the end of the world.”

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