Jesus asks His disciples in today’s Gospel, “Why are you lacking in faith?” He is constantly referring to faith. He preached to the people of His time that their faith has made them whole.

Now He turns to the chosen ones, who had been with Him, witnessed His miracles. The ones who watched Him raise the dead and heal the sick. He chides them for their lack of faith. The chosen ones of Christ were not always faithful. And when they were needed most, right at the end, they were faithless. Except for one, they all took off.

We are His disciples now. Are we full of faith? Faithful or faithless? What does it mean to be faithful today?

You and I bear a distinguished title. We are the Christian faithful. We are men and women who are full of faith and who keep that title. We are committed to Christ. The seal of the Holy Spirit is on us. It was put there in our baptism. Yes, we belong to Christ, from here to eternity.

The problem for many of us is how to live out this relationship – how to to be faithful to Christ. We can say we believe in Jesus. But our relationship with Jesus must involve more than just words. It must involve our hearts and emotions.

Being faithful to Christ calls for risk. Apparently, a risk that the Apostles in the boat were not ready or willing to take. It’s one thing to be faithful when the seas are calm. When you know where you are going. It’s quite another thing to have faith when you are surrounded by darkness or when you are afraid.

We must remember Jesus has given us His grace and good sense. So often, we do not use them well. We choose poorly and make wrong decisions. But Jesus does not ask us how often we were right. He asks how much we tried to be faithful. When the storms of life raged, did you cry out in panic like the Apostles? Or did you keep your eyes on Him?

We are Christian faithful because of our sense of community, too. The life of faith is a life of community. As St. Paul tells the Corinthians, “You are the body of Christ.” Life in community demands love in community.

My friends, take a look at your life today. Take stock of it and be honest. What would Christ say to you today?

“Why are you so terrified? Why are you lacking in faith?” Or would He say, “Stand up and go your way. Your faith has been your salvation.”

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One thought on “Fr. Bob’s Homily – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. Thank you Father Bob for your weekly uplifting homilies. I look forward to them every week.

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