Fr. Bob Prays the Rosary

As the summer comes to an end, September fills us with the crispness of autumn.  Transformation will begin again.  Children will return to school, the leaves will change color, and we are once again given the opportunity to make September a time to remember.

In this month of September, as we observe National Recovery Month, we remember the transformation of the men who we call “Brothers Christopher” that come to St. Christopher’s Inn to receive an inner peace of spirituality, to renew and strengthen their relationship with God, to overcome an addiction, and to guide them on their journey to recovery.  On September 25th, the Friars and St. Christopher’s Inn will hold its first annual Be the Bridge Walk for Recovery on the historic Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie which is located 25 miles north of Garrison.  We will gather together as one community to Be the Bridge that transforms lives and leads to the path of recovery.  You can read more about this event below in this e-newsletter.

Later this month, we will celebrate the Feasts of St. Matthew the Apostle and St. Michael the Archangel. St. Matthew reminds us that the Word of God is the seed.  Once it finds good soil, it will produce a transformation.  Others will witness the fruit of this transformation and know that it is truly from the Kingdom of God.  Let us hope in this month of September that we remember to reap the seeds of transformation.

So this year, during the month of September, the Friars pray that you will embrace and enjoy the beautiful changes around you and rejoice in his transforming power in your life and your ability to transform the lives of others.  You are one with us in our Faith, our Mission, our Hope.

Yours in Christ,

Father Bob Warren, S.A.