Father Bob Warren, SA

The month of May is like a gentle pause between spring and summer. Traditionally, it has been called “Mary’s Month,” and what a wonderful time to dedicate to our Blessed Mother. Everything is in full bloom. At Graymoor, the trees are green again and for a time all the problems of our troubled world can take a backseat as we honor the Mother of our Savior.

We, Friars, have so much to be grateful for.  During the month of May, we also thank God in a special way for this Holy Mountain—Graymoor. It was on the third of May 1900 that our founder, Father Paul Wattson, received $300.00 from friends in England to purchase the top of this mountain.

Then, on the 24th of May, he received the deed to the twenty-four acres, and the Friars and Sisters climbed to the top and gave thanks to Almighty God. For the first time the Friars and Sisters had a permanent home. The original acreage has grown over the years as we built the first St. Christopher’s Inn, our homeless and drug alcohol rehabilitation center, and started to expand our ministries.

So, if you are driving along US Route 9 in Putnam County, New York, and you see a large crucifix and shrine, drive in, stay awhile—become a pilgrim. Once you’ve enjoyed God’s masterpiece in nature that we call the Holy Mountain, I think you will find refreshment for the soul; perhaps, even healing.

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  1. May God continue to bless you dear Fathers and Brothers!!!! Your “mountain” is a blessing to all.

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