Fr. Bob Prays the Rosary

It is that wonderful time of year that we call summer. After such a harsh winter in the Northeast, it is a welcome period of sunny days. Things seem a little more relaxed than at any other time of the year. People plan vacations, the children are out of school, and we seem to take life at a slower pace.

Then, in the middle of this glorious season, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The feast reminds us that our Blessed Mother was assumed body and soul into Heaven. This doctrine was not accepted by all Christians because it does not appear in scripture.

There is an ancient adage in our Church that says that we pray what we believe. In other words, look at the hymns and prayers of a community of believers and you will see what they believe in. This is also true of this feast. When we read the prayers of our forebearers in the Faith, especially in the East, we find references to Mary’s assumption. This was the belief of the early Church, the very first Christians.

It was believed that Mary ascended, body and soul, into Heaven and that the body that had borne Jesus should not undergo corruption. The mother was restored to her Son. The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, were once again united in Heaven. This could also be named the Feast of Family Unity.

There is a song which states, “The future is not ours to see, what will be will be.” This is true of life, but as Christians, we know that our future is to be happy with God for all of eternity. God even gives us an example of what our future will be in the Assumption of Mary.

Our Blessed Mother made God the center of life on earth. She was not told beforehand of all the events that would take place in her life and the life of her Divine Son. She was content to say, “Be it done unto me according to your word.” Because she said that, all generations will call her “Blessed.”