“In the midst of the trials and tribulations that come upon the people of God,

these things cannot destroy our hope, we look beyond.”

Servant of God Father Paul Wattson, SA, Apostle of Charity and Christian Unity

Sadly for many, celebrating Easter Sunday this year is unlike anything we’ve ever known.  This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communities cannot gather together for Holy Mass; families must visit – not in person – but through various technology, and so many people are consumed by anxiety as they isolate and quarantine themselves.

Throughout this Lenten season, each and every day came with news more awful than the day before.  And yet, it has been during these holiest of days, that we have had to remind ourselves that we are never alone, our Lord is with us always.

Jesus understands trials and tribulations!  He suffered them on our behalf.  Holy Week began with Him riding a donkey into the city of Jerusalem. People lined the route cheering and wanting to make Him King. Later that week, public opinion turned against Him, one of his closest friends betrayed Him, and He was arrested. He was subjected to a mock trial, lashed with whips, crowned with thorns, and nailed to a cross. Yet, he died proclaiming God’s mercy on his enemies and love for all of us.

This Easter Sunday, during these most challenging days, let us hold fast to our Faith and find joy in knowing, He has risen!  Let us rejoice in His glorious resurrection and his ultimate gift of everlasting life.

Let us give thanks and continue to pray for each other so that all of us can turn our worries and concerns over to our Heavenly Father and hear Him whisper, “Peace be to you. Trust in me.”  Let us celebrate this indestructible Hope given to us through the Resurrection of the Lamb of God.  His resurrection is the promise that this world, as well as the world to come, is filled with new beginnings.

We must remember that just as Easter Sunday follows Good Friday, after every day’s sunset, tomorrow brings a new dawn.  Let us rejoice and look beyond today’s fear.  We belong to Our Lord, He will not abandon us; and, in His time, he will heal all things.

On behalf of the Friars, we are praying you and your family have a Blessed Easter filled with joy and hope!

Yours in Christ!

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