The night before All Saints Day, a group of Atonement Friars were treated to a special meeting.

The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement’s community from Assisi, Italy attended an audience with His Holiness, Pope Francis, on October 31. The audience took place in observance of the official presentation of the 800 Franciscan Centenaries.

Brother Paolo Nicosia, SA; Brother Fabrizio Szymanski, SA; Brother Luigi Bassani, NSA; and Brother Piersimone Crinelli, NSA, had the honor of greeting and exchanging kind words with the Holy Father.

“It was brief,” said Brother Paolo, the Guardian and Postulant Director of the Friars’ Formation House in Assisi. “The majority of the time was spent shaking hands and exchanging a few words with the Holy Father. Still, it was very exciting!”

The Franciscan Centenary will be celebrated through a series of anniversaries from 2023 through 2026, commemorating the Franciscan Rule; the Christmas at Greccio; St. Francis’ Stigmata at Mount Alverna; the Canticle of the Creatures; and the Easter of St. Francis.

This series of anniversaries is meant to recognize and celebrate St. Francis’ work, which was forged through the Holy Spirit.