Every year at Pentecost, Saint Francis and his friars would gather and share the results of their preaching; they would make decisions regarding the life of the friars; and they would issue new preaching assignments.  Servant of God, Father Paul Wattson, SA followed in the footsteps of St. Francis by establishing a tradition of General Chapter meetings every five years for the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement when they elect leadership, and set the course for their future. At the first General Chapter meeting, which convened over 80 years ago in May 1937, Fr. Paul addressed the Friars saying, “This General Chapter marks an important step in the life of our institute . . . if we are faithful, God will multiply the seed of the Atonement as the sands by the seashore by number.”

This June, the Friars gathered from around the globe to meet in Maryland for the 18th General Chapter Meeting.  They reviewed and reflected on the past five years of their community and their ministries; they looked forward and planned for the direction of the Friars of the Atonement over the next five years; and they elected leadership that they believe are best equipped to lead them in their undertakings.

The Very Reverend Fr. Brian Terry, SA, was re-elected for a second term of service as the Minister General.  Elected to the General Council are Fr. Jim Loughran, SA, Vicar General and First Councilor; Fr. Timothy MacDonald, SA, Second Councilor; Fr. Daniel Callahan, SA, Third Councilor; and Fr. Robert Langone, SA, Fourth Councilor.  The General Council serves as the Board of Directors for the Friars worldwide throughout their five-year term.

Fr. Brian Terry, SA shared, “I am both humbled and honored to be part of the leadership team for the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. We ask for your prayers as we navigate the next five years of ministry of healing and reconciliation, always working towards unity and At-One-Ment for our community, our church, our neighbors and indeed all the world.”

You can read about all the newly elected councilors on our website at www.AtonementFrias.org/MeetTheFriars